Polymer Systems

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  1. Imageblack_Film
  2. Glassholder_A5
  3. Antifoam


    The COLOP antifoam avoids an intense foam formation when washing out the polymer text die.
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  4. Washout_Agent

    Washout Agent

    The COLOP wash out agent gives the necessary smoothness to the bristles of the wash out system of the polymer machine. Learn More
  5. Foam_Border_Tape

    Foam Border Tape

    The pre-cut foam border tape narrows down the selected plate format and serves as a "rallying point" for the polymer to be poured in.
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  6. Backing-Sheet

    Backing Sheet

    The backing sheet gives the text die the necessary stability - especially in case of text/date stamps.
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  7. Cover_Film

    Cover Film

    It protects the negative film and stands for excellent transparency results.
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  8. Photopolymer VX55

    Photopolymer VX55

    Traditional Photopolymer with a 55° Shore A hardness. Learn More
  9. Glassholder A4 for Imagepac
  10. Detac Salt

    Detac Salt

    IMAGEPAC post exposure salt shortens the post exposure time and consequently raises the life-time of the expensive UV-bulbs.
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10 Item(s)