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  1. Detac Salt

    Detac Salt

    IMAGEPAC post exposure salt shortens the post exposure time and consequently raises the life-time of the expensive UV-bulbs.
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  2. Glassholder A4 for Imagepac
  3. Photopolymer_1kg

    Photopolymer VX55

    Traditional Photopolymer with a 55° Shore A hardness. Learn More
  4. Cover_Film

    Cover Film

    It protects the negative film and stands for excellent transparency results.
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  5. Backing-Sheet

    Backing Sheet

    The backing sheet gives the text die the necessary stability - especially in case of text/date stamps.
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  6. Foam_Border_Tape

    Foam Border Tape

    The pre-cut foam border tape narrows down the selected plate format and serves as a "rallying point" for the polymer to be poured in.
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  7. Washout_Agent

    Washout Agent

    The COLOP wash out agent gives the necessary smoothness to the bristles of the wash out system of the polymer machine. Learn More
  8. Antifoam


    The COLOP antifoam avoids an intense foam formation when washing out the polymer text die.
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  9. Glassholder_A5
  10. Imageblack_Film

Set Descending Direction

10 Item(s)