Imagepac Photopolymer

Imagepac Photopolymer
IMAGEPAC combines the advantages of liquid polymer without the specific disadvantages of processing a liquid.
Hardness: 50 Shore A
Thickness: 2,3 mm

Constant quality of textplates made of IMAGEPAC:

  • constant thickness of textplates
  • no air-bubbles
  • No complicated assembling of the polymer-textplate out of 4 components
  • No demanding stock-keeping of 4 components: backing-sheet, damming-tape, cover-lay and liquid polymer
  • ca. 30% less overspill than with the traditional liquid polymer
  • Cleanliness: With the use of IMAGEPAC there is no more "dirty" pouring of the polymer into the frame
  • By means of the IMAGEPAC-glassholder together with the IMAGEPAC-wash-out tray IMAGEPAC can be used in single-side-exposure units, too

Available in: A5 (10 pcs.), A6 (5 pcs.), A7 (10 pcs.), A8 (20 pcs.)